Sarah Palin – New Wacky Sitcom Coming This Fall

John McCain, a/k/a John McNasty, had us going for awhile. He suckered us all in by making us think he would actually choose as a running mate someone with zero experience in national politics, zero foreign experience (except for going to college in Idaho), a well-known political corruption scandal, no real budget experience, since Alaska has had the good luck to float on petrol bucks and huge (and corrupt) federal subsidies.

Good one, John! You almost fooled us. But now we’re on to you.
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John McCain’s diary

Back in steerage the – so called – News Boys are whooping it up so’s I can’t nap. Hyenas. Could use a highball myself but Rug Rat says nix. Jerks will talk about me. As if that’s not the problem.

Satan says to get a list of all the ones who have telephone cameras. Actually a good idea. Can’t go near the hyenas – so called – as is. Had to lock ‘em in steerage all week.

Rug rat did some good for once. Wall S.J. reporter has goods now on Boy Wonder. Fatties really hate him. I mean can’t abide him. Living rebuke to their BBQ. She showed it to me on her transister when The Google wouldn’t print. Going to bring the jerk on board, get some more angles from her. RR’s idea – so called. Don’t know why I’m paying Satan’s helpers, their stuff’s an embarrassment.
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Smokey Bear brings it to the Global War on (Campfire) Terror

The U.S. Forest Service has purchased two aerial drone aircraft, according to information leaked by Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility, a government watchdog group who clearly delight in waiting for the good ol’ U.S. of A to be plunged into charbroiled chaos from unattended terrorist campfires.

The Forest Service did not explain the purpose of the $100,000 expenditure. Other than they’re really cool — honestly, how much civil liberties infringement can happen at 7,000 feet with a pair of high-flying robots equipped with day and night vision lenses and thermal cameras?
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Mortgage Meltdown – Yesterday’s News

Ripped from the headlines…

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“The major difficulty in achieving home ownership in the past was a mortgage system that had become archaic, far too expensive, and actually dangerous — for it encouraged high prices, hidden charges, and overbuying.”

“…the old mortgage system has often been a hindrance rather than a help in the achievement of home ownership.”

“Today, and in the future, those desirous of owning a home will wisely demand [a mortgage] free from hidden charges, lump-sum maturities, and the whole package of old system trials and tribulations.”

…of 1935.

Yes, this was the United States Federal Government’s response during the Great Depression to some of the depredations of the Gilded Age. I guess that during those Roaring 20s, people with money, let’s just say bankers for instance, had gotten a bit, well, greedy.

I recently came across this handy booklet in which the government describes exactly how to handle and respond to a mortgage crisis.
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White House tangles with p. A17 of WaPo

On Fridays I go looking for document dumps at the WH website. Today I found something altogether more unexpected and really rather strange. The WH News page, normally pretty crowded, has only a single item for February 22: Setting the Record Straight: President Bush Committed to Strengthening Democracy Throughout Africa It’s a lengthy, detailed “rebuttal” of an article that appeared on page A17 of the WaPo: U.S. Policy in Africa Faulted on Priorities.
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Reforming the Food Insurance Industry

Like many of you, I’ve been paying close attention to what the candidates have been saying about their proposals to reform the food insurance industry. I’ve followed the presidential debates closely and compared the candidates’ food insurance plans very carefully. For me, the single most important issue facing the country in this election is the need to extend food coverage to some of the 40 million Americans who have no food insurance at all.

Although neither the Clinton nor Obama plans are perfect, at least they’re trying to address the problems caused by a confusing national patchwork of private food insurance that is increasingly inadequate – except for the most basic of needs – and all too often remains out of the reach of middle class Americans anyway. For decades, Republican administrations have watched idly as the food-care crisis in the country reached disastrous proportions. So at this stage any action at all is welcome and long overdue.
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