More deep thoughts from Palin

This evening CBS aired another cringe-inducing interview segment with Sarah Palin. There’s not even a hint of thoughtfulness on display. Asked what the worst thing the current Vice President has done, Palin replied it was his duck [sic] hunting accident. Truly. A man who pushed for a disastrous and unnecessary war, who promotes torture, who’s been behind any number of illegal and unconstitutional policies to aggrandize the Executive branch – and the worst thing one associates with him is a hunting accident?

Worst thing I guess that would have been the duck hunting accident–where you know, that was an accident. And I think that was made into a caricature of him. And that was kind of unfortunate.

And the best thing Cheney has done? Palin’s response is infantile.

So the best thing though, he’s shown support, along with George W. Bush, of our troops.

Katie Couric also asked Palin what’s her favorite movie. The same question produced dud answers from Biden, Obama, and McCain. But Palin’s answer is unintentionally hilarious.

PALIN: I love those old sports movies, like Hoosiers, and Rudy, um, those that show that the underdog can make it and it’s all about tenacity, and work ethic and determination, and just doing the right thing, so it would probably be one of those two old sports movies.

COURIC: Do you have a favorite scene from either of them?

PALIN: At the very end, the victories! Yeah! Rudy, where he gets to run out on the field and he gets to participate and make a difference. And then in Hoosiers, when they win.

That’s film-making at it’s best, for sure, a sports movie with a scene where they win. And people cheering like all get out.

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