DHS and Change We Might Believe In?

Changes are popping up all over, including on websites. While looking for information on new developments in pandemic flu at the House Homeland Security website, I decided to see what was up with the DHS Business Opportunities Newsletter.

In some ways, it is clearly still business as usual.

The newsletter is full of business opportunities for government contractors. There are tables of major contractors for DHS components and dollar values, for example.

And then there is this message from Rep. Bennie Thompson:

Dear Friends,
Thank you for your consistent support of the “DHS Business Opportunities Newsletter.”

This newsletter is the last in the series designed to provide an overview of the Department’s contracting authorities — from headquarters to FEMA. Learning how the authorities work and how your company gain access is critical to your company’s ultimate success.

As the incoming Administration continues to develop its new practices, it is essential that all companies whether small, medium, or large have a keen understanding of the Department’s current procurement practices. As the Department transitions, we will provide updates on any and all new rules.

This newsletter is a testament to my commitment to the ideal that the necessary ingredients to create the American dream are work, optimism, and fairness. I remain committed to assuring fair and open competition and a level playing field.

Please continue to send in your views on working with the Department.

Additionally, feel free to provide your suggestions on how to improve the newsletter. Do not hesitate to contact us at DHSBizOps@mail.house.gov if I can be of assistance to you.

Keep the Faith,
Bennie G. Thompson

The last? he said?

Interesting that this newsletter is the last. What can that mean about the committee, DHS, contracting practices. Certainly it might mean positive developments in connection with this often feckless and even corrupt government agency and worth watching. But as mentioned above, other parts of the newsletter suggest anything but a going out of business sort of tone.

Oh, and the pandemic flu and emergency responders issues, by the way, may be found here, with the full report – Getting Beyond Getting Ready for Pandemic Influenzahere.

There’s change there too:

Chairman Thompson released the following statement along with the report:

“It is possible that the next influenza pandemic will result in hundreds of thousands to millions of deaths – even here in the US. Further, pandemic influenza could destroy the security of our Nation and Homeland. Yet despite the horrific consequences, we still are not prepared as a Nation to fully withstand the impact of such a devastating widespread biological event.

The change in Presidential leadership presents a new opportunity to ensure that the Nation is ready to address pandemic influenza from a position of strength. The House Committee on Homeland Security looks forward to working with the Obama Administration to address this threat and achieve National readiness.

The will to meet and overcome pandemic influenza is as great a mission as any on the global battlefield. Our success depends on keeping up the fight until pandemic influenza is overcome.”

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