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The O’Neill Institute for National and Global Health Law has announced a project related to national and international health law. Of the project, it says it is “building a diverse portfolio of health law projects . . . collaborative relationships with faculty who possess a diverse set of interests and expertise.”

Incidentally, and before getting into its projects, the O’Neill Institute has announcement of jobs and fellowships. Something to do while waiting out the economic storm . . . and to further health care.

Its projects include:

For select high-priority issues, the O’Neill Institute is organizing reflective problem-solving initiatives through which the Institute seeks to bridge the gap between key policy makers in the public and private sectors and civil society and the intellectual talent and knowledge that resides in academia.

While each of these initiatives will be somewhat unique, the O’Neill Institute’s ambition is to organize the best thinking and research on particular subjects and craft timely recommendations which are usable for key decision-makers.

Global Health Law
* Global Tobacco Control Litigation
* World Health Organization Task Force on Ethics and Tuberculosis
* Collaboration with the International Women’s Human Rights Clinic
* World Health Organization-O’Neill Institute Health and Human Rights Database

Disease Prevention and Health Outcomes
* Personalized Medicine
* Global Health Governance
* District of Columbia Healthcare Facilities Emergency Care Coalition
* Academic Centers of Public Health Preparedness Program
* Expert Meeting on Privacy and Confidentiality in Syndromic Surveillance

Health Regulation and Governance
* Modernizing and Rationalizing Food Safety Regulations

Health Financing and Organization
* No current projects. See archive of past projects.

Federal and State Health Coverage
* Legal Solutions in Health Reform

U.S. Public Health Law
* Assessing the Impact of Federal and State Law on Public Health Preparedness

Disadvantaged Populations and Communities
* No current projects. See archive of past projects.

O’Neill Institute Courses
* National and Global Health Law: An O’Neill Institute Colloquium
* Global Health Law: An Intensive, Problem-Based Exploration

The center also has links to a wide range of health resources here and links publications here.

And on a related note, reports at this site related to Massachusetts healthcare may interest you.

Massachusetts Division of Health Care Finance and Policy’s annual report, Employers Who Had Fifty or More Employees Using MassHealth, Commonwealth Care, or the Uncompensated Care Pool/Health Safety Net in State FY2008.

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